Peace in the Middle East



CODEPINK has endorsed the Divest from War online petition, and we urge peace-loving people around the world to sign it, pledging to boycott Israeli products and divest from Israeli government bonds if Israel carries out a preemptive military strike on Iran. Let's prevent the next war in the Middle East by nonviolently raising the cost to the Israeli government of a preemptive military attack on Iran.



Take action to prevent further US military intervention in Iraq! Keep your voice and energy engaged! We have to inspire and motive people to take action if we are going to squelch the drumbeat to more war.



CODEPINK and a coalition of women's groups launched Women Lead to Peace, a global alliance of women and male allies calling for an immediate ceasefire in Syria, an embargo on arms sales, greater humanitarian aid for the refugees and displaced, and the full participation of women at the peace negotiations.