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  • iran2.jpgCODEPINK has endorsed the Divest from War online petition, and we urge peace-loving people around the world to sign it, pledging to boycott Israeli products and divest from Israeli government bonds if Israel carries out a preemptive military strike on Iran. The goal of this campaign is to prevent the next war in the Middle East, by nonviolently raising the cost to the Israeli government of a preemptive military attack on Iran. We can use the Israeli government's concern about grassroots boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaigns that challenge their impunity to help avert a military attack that could plunge the entire Middle East into another large-scale war.

  • Plan a trip to Iran through programs offered by our allies at Global Exchange and Fellowship of Reconciliation.

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  • No War With Iran sign to put in your window or hold on the street.