Highlights from 2007

Here are some of the highlights of our creative and committed efforts over 2007:

  • The first week of January, CODEPINK cofounders led a 15-person delegation to Guantanamo to call for the closing of the infamous prison. The delegation included family members of detainees, former detainees, constitutional lawyers and US peace activists.
  • On January 27, CODEPINK mobilized its members for the United for Peace & Justice March and Lobby Day in Washington DC. We kicked it off with a Women’s Convergence featuring Jane Fonda, Sean Penn, Eve Ensler and 3,000 of our closest friends!
  • CODEPINK rented a house blocks from the Capitol Hill from whence we launched our DON’T BUY BUSH’S WAR campaign with a daily presence in the Halls of Congress. We coordinated a series of actions around the country, including Congressional Phone-a-thons, bi-coastal “Camp Pelosi”, a national Bird-Dog Hillary campaign, and more.
  • In April, CODEPINK launched a new “re-vamped and re-amped” website which recently won “Most Popular Homepage” from the Progressive Source Awards!
    CODEPINK reclaimed Mother’s Day with a beautiful Peace Festival attended by hundreds of families and kids of all ages in front of the White House.
  • We celebrated the resignations of Donald Rumsfeld and Karl Rove, and held daily vigils outside the Justice Department until (now former) Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez resigned as well.
  • CODEPINK offered trainings with a pink flair at the first ever United States Social Forum in Atlanta, GA.
  • As the Bush Administration and its allies, such as Senator Joe Lieberman, threatened war against Iran, CODEPINK launched a multi-pronged DON’T IRAQ IRAN campaign. CODEPINKers went to Teheran, returning home to share the very human stories and photos of the Iranians they had met. The CITIES FOR PEACE WITH IRAN project resulted in a number of cities and town, among them Oakland & Sebastopol, CA passing resolutions against war with Iran.
  • CODEPINK traveled to Vicenza, Italy to support local women in their struggle to halt construction of a proposed US military base there. In turn, we invited them to DC to pressure Congress to stop the base. We also recently traveled to Pakistan to support an ongoing presence of US human rights observers until the scheduled elections in January.
  • CODEPINK organized summer activist training camps at our DC house. Over 200 CODEPINKers have come to DC to be in action in the Halls of Congress, and our DC house has been the subject of dozens of articles, news broadcasts and documentaries around the world.
  • Wherever Hillary appeared, CODEPINK was there, pink signs raised high demanding she “Lead Us Out of Iraq Now!” Just days after her announcement to run for President, she changed her position on the war and voted against further funding. We have moved public opinion, and the presidential candidates feel the intense anti-war sentiment every day on the campaign trail.
  • We expanded our online presence to social networking sites and produced two videos for YouTube: Toy Soldier and Whipping Congress into Shape.
  • When CODEPINKers were turned away at the Canadian border because they had arrest records for nonviolent peace activities, we collected and delivered 15,000 signatures to Canadian consulates across the country demanding a reversal of this absurd policy of barring peacemakers.
  • We brought a powerful pink presence to the No War No Warming and Step It Up Campaigns, combining our commitments to peace and to the environment.
  • President Bush denounced CODEPINK at the National Heritage Foundation in November, confirming our transition from “a focus group” that he could ignore to a national pain in his royal neck. We were also accused of “running congress” by Press Secretary Perino. We wish!
  • In the coming year, CODEPINK will continue to push Congress to not just do what is feasible but what is right. We will help tell the stories of women and mothers from around the world who suffer from violence and war; we will launch a call for tax resistance as civil disobedience; we will join Eve Ensler in New Orleans to celebrate V-Day’s 10th Anniversary; we will support the courageous women who have left the military to speak out against the war; we will keep building a strong women-initiated peace movement throughout the U.S. and beyond, and we will continue to create bold, outrageous and unreasonable actions rooted in our deep love for humanity and the knowledge that peace is possible. From Corvallis, OR to Louisville, KY, our voices for peace are powerful!