Highlights from 2004

  • CODEPINK was one of the only international groups getting aid to the war-terrorized people of Iraq. We are delighted to report that our efforts to raise money for the refugees of Fallujah have yielded over $100,000 dollars from generous, caring people like yourself, and $500,000 worth of supplies from humanitarian organizations.

  • CODEPINK did an entire week of actions at the DNC and interrupted all 3 nights of the RNC!

  • On December 27th, CODEPINK lead a delegation to deliver medicines, blankets and warm clothes to the families and civilians whose homes were decimated in the US-led attack. The delegation, which includes parents of soldiers killed while fighting in Iraq, also met with Iraqi peace activists, health officials and human right leaders.  Upon return, they congressional briefings, publicize our findings to the media, and launched a national speaking tour calling for the withdrawal of US troops. 
  • CODEPINK is on the forefront of denouncing electoral fraud and calling for major electoral reform. CODEPINK helped establish a No Stolen Elections coalition, a watchdog website for voter fraud, and actively supported the recount efforts in Ohio.  Look for Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell's pink slip coming soon for his part in hampering a fair vote process in Ohio!

  • Immediately after the election, we authored and circulated a 10-point Voter Bill of Rights that we will deliver (with over 25,000 of your signatures!) to each member of Congress when they meet January 21.

  • We worked with a broad-based coalition for reforms such as a voter-verified paper trail for all touch-screen voting machines and non-partisan oversight of elections. CODEPINK is determined to reclaim our democracy!