Cuba Trip Scholarship Fund

cubascholar.jpgDonate a tax-deductible to the Cuba trip scholarship fund, to help send young and/or low-income folks on CODEPINK’s delegation to Cuba from April 26-May 3.

Previous delegate and scholarship recipient Rhone Fraser speaks of his experience in Cuba:

“I had a powerful experience in my travel to Cuba this past week, as part of the CODEPINK delegation, “to Cuba, With Love.” The theme of this whole visit was to show Cuba more love than it’s been getting from our country. I was able to give letters of support to Assata Shakur to U.S. citizens who strongly disagree with her being placed on the terrorist list. I visited two schools: first, the San Alejandro School of the Arts and the second was an Elementary school. The day we visited the Arts School, the students were taking an entrance exam however we were able to visit some of the art galleries featuring the memorable work of some students. At the Escuela Latinoamerica de Medicina, I had very interesting discussions with two medical school students about the helpful roles that Cuban doctors played in the Caribbean, South America, and Africa. The most powerful day most powerful day of the trip was when I attended a talk about the work of filmmaker Gloria Rolando, who directed and produced the film Eyes of the Rainbow about Assata Shakur. This was an absolutely amazing trip.”

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation so that this trip can be made accessible for a variety of people!

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