Welcome to CODEPINK LA!

We hope you'll join us in street actions, speaking events, creative gatherings and more. We've been in action locally for over ten years and we can't wait work with you in the pink!

Check out our Billion Rise actions 2013!

Video by Holly Mosher - Flash Mob - Santa Monica, CA

Get Inspired!

Why I Intern with CODEPINK by past CODEPINK LA intern Dara

CODEPINK provides a space for women of all ages and backgrounds to come together to advance the movement for peace and justice in the U.S. and abroad. The CODEPINK community encourages creativity, humor, and the arts. I intern with CODEPINK because I want to be part of a strong community of people working to end all wars and all forms of oppression. As a CODEPINK intern you get to meet and work with remarkable organizations and individuals who have dedicated their lives to social change. You are constantly surrounded by people who have so much passion to educate, speak the truth, and motivate others into action. Whether it is being part of an international peace delegation, doing a flash mob, confronting congress, burying a Hummer, marching in a non-violent protest, or hearing a powerful speaker, this community helps to keep the hope alive that we can, and are making a difference."

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